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Beneath his touch the flesh grew soft

Its ivory hardness vanishing

My Ivory Girl: Pygmalionism
New York
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Anne-Louis Girodet-Trioson
Pygmalion et Galatée, 1819

Pygmalion, his offering given, prayed
Before the altar, half afraid, "Vouchsafe,
Oh Gods, if all things you can grant, my bride
Shall be"--he dared not say my ivory girl--
"The living likeness of my ivory girl."

Ovid, Metamorphoses, Book X
Translated by A.D. Melville

This community is for anyone who has ever passed hours in a museum, hoping that lovely marble gaze might be turned on them. It's a place for photos and discussion of any sort within the theme of Pygmalionism. This is a brand new community, so don't worry if it looks dead for now! Join and contribute.

Rules and Notices

- Be polite and respectful of all other members
- Stay on the topic of the community
- Large or sexual pictures behind a cut please
- Statues, dolls, and mannequins are welcome as broad categories; not welcome are sex dolls or dolls intended for sexual purposes--there are already plenty of other places for that sort of fetish
- I hope to avoid drama, but in the case of drama, mods have the final word
- Membership is moderated just to avoid spamming; you will be approved

You are under no obligation to advertise the community, but if you want to, I made up these banners for the purpose: